Anime Tunes!

Hey all! Here comes our selection of favorite anime show intros and outros! As usual, we had a hard time narrowing it down to just a few choices (6 to be exact ;-)) but we deed eet! These are all very special to us and we’re super happy to share ’em with you. Enjoy!

We start with the rollicking opener to one of the best anime shows ever – Steins; Gate. If you haven’t seen this incredible series, be sure to check it out. Time travel, conspiracy theories, geek culture, love, friendship – this show balances all of these perfectly, and the opening gets you in the right frame of mind with its sweet vocals and bombastic chorus.

We’re gonna keep up the energy level with this next one – the opening to Attack on Titan, one of our favorite shonen anime of all time. The incredible energy and drama of this song perfectly set up the show, and opening line “They are the prey, we are the Hunters” should put you in exactly the right headspace for some Titan slaying action.

Up next is a slower tune, and one of my all time favorite songs in any genre – the opener to classic show Serial Experiments Lain. This show sets a very unique, otherworldly atmosphere from the get-go, and this opening rounds out the proceedings and provides some additional emotional depth with its melancholy tone. One to remember!

Now we go deeper and slower with the outro to the heart wrenching Please Save my Earth OAV based on the immensely popular shojo manga of the same name. Few shows have moved me like this one, and this song always reminds me of the emotions I felt the first time I experienced this great work. Haunting, beautiful, deeply affecting, and ultimately hopeful – music doesn’t come much better than this.

We’re gonna pick things back up on this one with the intro to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Great opening, great series. Right off the bat this show delivers some incredible storylines, and this song captures all its incredible energy and depth.

And finally, we go back to one of the first anime songs we fell in love with – the original opening to Dragon Ball Z. We probably don’t have to say anything about Dragon Ball Z, but we will say this about this song: Every time we hear it we spring right into doing some awesome and totally badass!

And that’s all we got for now! If you want to check out more anime music, be sure to look for the openings for Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Rahxephon, Escaflowne, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya…the list goes on and on!

Never give up!

Gil & Lou

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