Lovecraftian Metal

Hi all! After listening to our discussion of The Void and other Lovecraft-inspired horror movies on our first episode, my good friend Gaston asked me for some recommendations on good Lovecraftian music, so here goes…

First up is “The Statue on the Island” by brutal death metal cosmonauts Mithras. I love this band, and I’ve been following them since their 2003 release Worlds Beyond the Veil. This song is on their late 2016 release, On Strange Loops. Otherwordly, brutal, entrancing death metal dedicated to the exploration of eldricht truths.

Up next are UK doom metal merchants Electric Wizard with the super cool “Dunwich” from their killer album Witchcult Today. This song perfectly captures the creeping occult feel of Lovecraft’s “Horror of Dunwich”. Fun as hell groovy stuff.

Now for something truly special, here comes an awesome track from another one of my all time favorite bands/albums. This time it’s transcendental BLACK metal from the great Blut Aus Nord. This is one of the more emotional tracks on this list, and in my mind it really harkens to that special yearning that we feel for communion with those beyond. Wait, what? Anyway, dig this awesome tune.

Back to brutal TECHNICAL, heavily Death (band) inspired death metal with Decrepit Birth’s “Dimensions Intertwine”. One of my all time favorite bands; I love their perfect balance of melody, brutality and inter dimensional weirdness. I wonder, is it a coincidence that so many of my faves are Lovecraftian in nature? Hmmmm. I dare you to not headbang along to this one.

MORE death metal, but really, what would this list be without Morbid Angel? These guys wrote the book on Lovecraft inspired metal and Trey Azagthoth’s guitar tone perfectly encapsulates the sounds from beyond. This one here is a punky good ol’ time about summoning ancient evil.

Last but not least comes one of my favorite Cradle of Filth songs, the scorching opener to the Clive Barker inspired Midian album. This jumps right out of the (inter-dimensional) gate, grabs you by the throat and stuns you with awesome time changes and kickass attitude.

And that’s all for now folks! Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to check out more of each band above, they all rule.

Up the Irons,


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