Heavy Hitting MASTODON

Hey hey! After our  long conversation about Mastodon’s latest album on our podcast, several of you told us you were going to check out Mastodon for the first time, or jump back in after a lapse. We love that! And to help you along we set ourselves to the task of picking 6 songs (You know, we’re The Six and all) that showcase what this awesome band is all about. So without further ado, let’s jump right in…

First up is the blistering opening track of the landmark 2004 album Leviathan. This is the song that made Gil a fan, and for good reason! It has all the Mastodon staples; killer drumming, awesome vocals and sweet guitar heroics (Check out the 1:33 mark). All that plus a cool nautical vibe that perfectly fits the lyrics (I can almost feel the boat swaying back and forth during the chorus) !!!White Wale, Holy Grail!!!

It’s hard to pick just one song from debut album Remission, but if I must I’ll go with “March of the Fire Ants”. Again, another song that showcases what Mastodon is all about – write a badass riff, play it like a boss and then throw in some heart stopping twin guitar action that won’t only make you bang your head, but also think about that good friend you haven’t talked to in years. Mastodon = heavy as hell + lots of feels.

Now we’re gonna switch it up completely and fast forward to a song we really love from the 2014 album Once More Round the Sun. Basically, this sounds like an 80s Ozzy Osbourne song on steroids – especially because of drummer and all around badass Brann Dailor’s FRIGGIN’ AWESOME VOCALS!

Get ready to keep rocking because up next is “Dry Bone Valley” – one of those Mastodon songs with a decidedly Queens of the Stone Age vibe to it. We can’t get enough of the Josh Homme style vocals and I mean, it’s called DRY. BONE. VALLEY. You know, Kyuss, desert, get it? No? Whatever, ROCK!

Nearing the end here, and this one is a deeeeeep cut, in every sense of the word. It comes late in the Crack the Skye album and leads into the climax of the incredible emotional journey that is this record. Not for nothing it’s the title track.

Alright, folks. Last song on this list and last song from the latest album The Emperor of Sand. The type of tune that immediately makes an impression and compels you to listen to it again as soon as it’s over. The sweet, mellow beginning crescendos up to an incredible close for this awesome new album.

And that’s it! We hope you enjoy all the great music, and be sure to check out more Mastodon!

Keep moving forward – in a Heavy Metal sense,

Gil & Lou

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