Need a pick me up to finish the week like a boss? Well, we’ve got juuuuuust the thing – IN FLAMES, muttatrucka!

I’ve been totally freaking out and geeking out to this band for the better part of 15 years now and I can tell you this – no other band has made me go the extra mile as often as In Flames. Their music has such an awesome, propulsive quality that I just can’t help but kickass when I listen to them. So then, are you ready for 6 killer tunes from their extensive catalogue? Let’s do this!

First off is my favorite song from my favorite album – “Zombie Inc.” off the 1999 record Colony. Man I love this song. Cool guitar action right from the start, galloping verse, sweet bridge and super crunchy chorus that fires on all cylinders. And then at 2:10 comes in basically the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. That part in this song is the sound of everything good and worth saving in this world.

Next we go back to 1997 for the Whoracle album – their best for most diehard fans. This record is full of incredible highs, but the solo run in “The Hive” might just be the loftiest peak. Incredible stuff, pure power.

Ahhhh the mighty Clayman – landmark 2000 release from in Flames, and one that signaled a slight shift in their sound and catapulted them into worldwide acclaim. Every time I start slowing down I play scorching opener “Bullet Ride” and immediately go all the way up to 11. That opening riff is what it sounds like to feel like a total badass, and that chorus?? that solo??? We’re lucky to have music this good.

On to the massive “Cloud Connected” from 2002’s Reroute to Remain. Yeah, some of the verse vocals aren’t the best, and the electronic embellishments can be a little distracting, but dude, once that YUUUGE chorus hits you forget all that, and THEN they come at you with that killer solo!

We’re gonna slow it down a bit now for what became an instant classic when it was released in 2004, the amazing “My Sweet Shadow” off Soundtrack to your Escape. Admittedly, not the best In Flames record, but man, THIS SONG. THIS CHORUS.

And now for something completely different – here comes the song I’m digging the most from Battles, their latest release. Basically, this sounds like a good pop song on mega steroids. I feel like I hear something slightly like this whenever I watch SNL, but In Flames takes it to the next level. Every time I play this one I get in a better mood. DIG IT!

And that’s it for In Flames today, Enjoy!

Up the Irons,


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